Sacking, stretching, double sealing

Product: plastic granules
Capacity: 500 bags/hour
Bag: 20 Kg - pinch-bottom paper bag

Weighing, sacking, sealing, folding, stiching

Product: powder and chemical flakes
Capacity: 400 bags/hour
Bag: 25 Kg - paper with inner polythene bag

Weighing with extractable screw, extractable falling product cutting flap, sacking, sealing, cleaning of mouth of bag, trimming, folding, creped paper device, stitching, turning.

Product: bread-crumbs
Capacity: 400 bags/hour
Bag: polyethene bag

Blow and suction

To clean the mouth of the bag before sealing


Bag-holding pincers

To accompany the bag after filling up to the closing station; the bag is never released.

These are just a few devices among the wide and extensive range of devices of SECAM Universe

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